A great marijuana strain for beginners

The AK48 marijuana strains are bred since the 1990’s and is closely related to the very known AK47 seeds. The AK48 marijuana seeds are fast growing and its a robust marijuana strain that’s a very early finisher. They are known for finishing in 48 days when they are in perfect conditions.

With its compact buds that delivers a knockout punch, this cannabis strain is perfect for starters. Although, professional growers can use it as well due to its power and fast growth. The AK48 buds are easy to trim and covered with a shiny coat of tiny crystals. The high THC content makes this weed very potent. Although, the high still retains some cerebral sativa qualities. The AK48 weed has a very strong, pervasive smell! So be careful, because you should be careful with neighbours. You do not want them to smell your beautiful marijuana plants! By all accounts the AK48 cannabis is a great smoke nonetheless.

Height: 0.5-0.7m
Stoned or high?: Stoned INDICA

THC level: High THC

Flowering Weeks: 7/8
Harvest Month: 10
Yield: 300g/m2


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