Review AK48

AK48 seeds grow best in soil with organic fertilizer to promote the best flavors. This cannabis strain is perfect for a sea of green gardens. We advice to put 16 plants per square meter. Then trim each plant to around six branches and the top to improve the consistency of your bud and yield. AK48 will become a medium sized cannabis plant that is twice as big as approximately 20inches. It has thin, small and delicate leaves, which represent the Indica in it’s genes.

When the weather conditions are similar like Spain, you are able to grow the AK48 seeds outside. Starting with AK48 is not a bad choice for both beginners and advanced growers.Due to it’s hardness, the AK48 is able to bounce back from even the most inexperienced mistakes, but in the hands of an experienced grower complicated buzz and extreme yields will continue to keep coming back for more.

Effects: Night-time use. After 3 volcano bags I was tranced in front in of the TV. After the first trance, I went to the kitchen to put some food in my stomach. After I filled my belly, it was sleepytime. Good strain for increasing appetite, chill/relax, and insomnia.
Looks: Super dense hard buds that look like rocks. Ultrabright neon green with super bright orange hair and loads of crystals. This stuff looks quality journal, it is not much better.
Odor: Little or no odor. It can have a a very faint hint of grapefruit.
Taste: Like the smell, there is really no extreme flavor. Just very soft with a slight hint of grapefruit. Had a not so good chemical taste, that results from poor growth / healing, that tastes like burnt hair.


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