Champion of autoflowering seeds

AK48 is definitely the strongest and highest THC rating among the autoflowering types. The AK48 is the big gun of the ganja arsenal. Together with the world famous attributes of the AK47 seeds and Lowrider, the AK48 produced a most rapid flowering femme fatale. As with the Low Rider crosses, yields are lower than original strains. The trade off is the fast time time and ease of growing. For multiple years, the AK47 has been the leader in massive THC production and it still continues with the AK48. The crystal coated tops adorn the AK48 and the cannabis growth pattern is amazing for high density grows.

The champion of autoflowering plants has always been the AK48 like today and I guess also tomorrow! Lock and load the AK, because this AK48 will be a great challenge in the battle.
Sometimes the AK48 weed has a mouth watering look alike. This batch was super dry, a little too dry for my opinion. It is a kind of sand type of dry. While these things smell very good and look amazing, it has an awful chemically taste as well. This indicates the result of a poor cure or grow. I hope I’ll get another AK48 to try and hopefully it will grow properly. The chemically taste really killed the grade on this AK48.


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