AK48 Marijuana Seeds

This strain is one of today’s most popular cannabis strains. It has quality genetics and high yields, but most importantly, it is extremely quick finishing.

Under excellent conditions, your marijuana plant will finish flowering in only 48 days. This extraordinary feat makes this strain quite similar to an auto flowering strain, but one you can veg for as long as you like.

As a Remedy for Stress

It smells of fruit and pine trees and is well known for its punchy buzz and long-lasting high. About 1 in 20 plants presents as a delicious cherry flavored phenotype. Also produces a comfortable, warm body buzz that does not leave you overly couchlocked or lethargic.

Harvest early for a sativa soaring high, or wait until over 50% of trichomes are amber for a heavier stone. It is the perfect strain for reducing stress and anxiety, and stimulating the appetite.

Most Important Features

Plant type: most suitable for indoor marijuana growing
Plant height: short to medium
Stoned or high: high and stoned combination effect
THC level: high
Flowering weeks: 7 to 8
Yield (per 1m2 in a Sea of Green): 400-500 g. / 14-17.5 oz.
Harvest month: 10
Grow difficulty: Moderate

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