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AK48 Marijuana Seeds

AK48 Marijuana Seeds

This strain is one of today’s most popular cannabis strains. It has quality genetics and high yields, but most importantly, it is extremely quick finishing.

Under excellent conditions, your marijuana plant will finish flowering in only 48 days. This extraordinary feat makes this strain quite similar to an auto flowering strain, but one you can veg for as long as you like.

As a Remedy for Stress

It smells of fruit and pine trees and is well known for its punchy buzz and long-lasting high. About 1 in 20 plants presents as a delicious cherry flavored phenotype. Also produces a comfortable, warm body buzz that does not leave you overly couchlocked or lethargic.

Harvest early for a sativa soaring high, or wait until over 50% of trichomes are amber for a heavier stone. It is the perfect strain for reducing stress and anxiety, and stimulating the appetite.

Most Important Features

Plant type: most suitable for indoor marijuana growing
Plant height: short to medium
Stoned or high: high and stoned combination effect
THC level: high
Flowering weeks: 7 to 8
Yield (per 1m2 in a Sea of Green): 400-500 g. / 14-17.5 oz.
Harvest month: 10
Grow difficulty: Moderate

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Write a review about the AK48

Write a review about the AK48

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A great marijuana strain for beginners

A great marijuana strain for beginners

The AK48 marijuana strains are bred since the 1990’s and is closely related to the very known AK47 seeds. The AK48 marijuana seeds are fast growing and its a robust marijuana strain that’s a very early finisher. They are known for finishing in 48 days when they are in perfect conditions.

With its compact buds that delivers a knockout punch, this cannabis strain is perfect for starters. Although, professional growers can use it as well due to its power and fast growth. The AK48 buds are easy to trim and covered with a shiny coat of tiny crystals. The high THC content makes this weed very potent. Although, the high still retains some cerebral sativa qualities. The AK48 weed has a very strong, pervasive smell! So be careful, because you should be careful with neighbours. You do not want them to smell your beautiful marijuana plants! By all accounts the AK48 cannabis is a great smoke nonetheless.

Height: 0.5-0.7m
Stoned or high?: Stoned INDICA

THC level: High THC

Flowering Weeks: 7/8
Harvest Month: 10
Yield: 300g/m2


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AK48 weed – a remedy for stress

AK48 weed – a remedy for stress

The ancestors of the AK48 genetics is an Ice mother and a Jock father, both have excellent cannabis genetics. AK48 seeds are both a high yielder and an early finisher. It’s the quick finishing that gave this cannabis strain its name, as they often end up finishing in 48 days. The smell and taste of the weed is vaguely reminiscent of grapefruit and pine trees and is well known for its punchbuzz and quick spicy finish. When smoking this beautiful lady, the first effect is a nice, warm body buzz that does not induce couch lock or slow down the cognitive process, so that daily routines are not harmed. AK48 is perfect for those who are suffering from stress, needing appetite stimulation and anxiety.

Plant type: Best suitable for indoor marijuana growing

Plant height: Short- Mostly Indica

Stoned or high: Stoned- Indica Body Buzz

THC level: Strong 15-20%

Flowering weeks: 7/8

Yield (Sea of Green in 1m2): 400/500
Harvest month: 10

Grow difficulty: Moderate


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AK48 the Cannabis Cup Winner

AK48 the Cannabis Cup Winner

AK48 is an easy to grow marijuana plant is of medium height and produces good yields pretty fast. Extremely strong smoke and smell. Take extra care for the smell-control when growing near neighbors. The name of AK48 seeds was given not out of any idea of violence (AK48 has similar cannabis genetics to AK47 seeds), but more in association with the one hit wonder that the smoke is.

Quality without any compromise makes the AK-48 perfect for commercial growers or home growers. These marijuana plants have a short flowering period for a sativa, producing compact, not too leafy marijuana buds that gleam with a coat of resin crystals.

The AK48 has won seven times in the Cannabis competitions. The second prize was for the Best Sativa in the 1999 High Times Cannabis Cup.

Flowering Time: 49-63 Days

Grown Indoor or Outdoor?: Indoor/Outdoor

Parents: Ice (F) x Jack Herer (M)

Type: Indica 65% / Sativa 35%

Indoor Yield: 400-500g per m2
Buzz: Body buzz, stoned

Taste/Smell: Fruity smell, grapefruity taste


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